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Items to Consider When Buying a Commercial Garage Door Opener

To help your distributor guide you in selecting the best opener for your unique application, be ready to provide the following pieces of information.

What Size is Your Door?
The size of your garage door is the primary consideration when selecting a commercial garage door opener. Get a measurement of the width and height of your door. Is your door insulated and is the backing vinyl or steel? Typically the type and model of door is placed on a sticker that is located on the side of the door sections.

What Type of Track Do You Have?
Take note of the track of your door. Does it resemble a residential garage door track? Does it go straight up with no angles? Does the track follow the pitch of the roof. Does the door go up a considerable distance, a foot to several feet, and then back? How much space is there above and to the side of the door?

How Will the Door Be Used?
What is the frequency that this particular door will be opened and closed? A door with heavy usage will determine the horspower needed on the garage door operator. It is important to note that the springs do the majority of the work and not the opener itself.

What Type of Garage Door Operator?
The preceeding information will guide the decision as to the type of operator that is most appropriate for your situation.

  • Trolley Arm Operator
    These operators are hung from the ceiling and used on sectional garage doors. These operators drive and control the door by being directly attached to it.
  • Jackshaft
    A door using this type of operator needs to have the ability to be lifted by hand in case of a power outage or other emergency. Wall mounting is the most common placement when used with small sectional doors with a vertical or high lift. When used in conjuction with a rolling door or grille, they are typically mounted to either the wall or the front of the hood. This type of operator drives the door through an indirect connection to the jackshaft.
  • Hoist
    When used with large sectional doors with vertical or high lift, hoist style operators are gernally mounted to the wall. When used with rolling doors and grilles the placement is often on the front of the hood. A floor level chain hoist is gernarlly available to aid in raising the door during a loss of power or other emergency. Hoist operators are attached to the jackshaft and drive the door indirectly.
  • Slide
    Slide style operators are typically used on single and bi-parting sliding doors. The operators are mounted above the door and drive and control the door through direct attachment.

Additional Things to Consider
In the case of power loss or malfunction of the garage door opener, do you want the ability to operate the door with a chain? Does the type of building require a certain type of safety equipment? Is there a company safety policy that applies to the door?

Do you want a hoist so if the power is out or the operator has malfunctioned you can operate the door with a chain? What kind of safety device is required for the type of building? What is the company safety policy on the door?

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